VisFit Group and 1:1 Junior Swimming Lessons

At VisFit Junior Swim we are able to offer swimming lessons for babies through to squad swimmers. The benefit of the STA courses offered at Visfit Junior Swim are that each course completed offers a badge and certificate incentive for achievement of that level/stage/step. As well as being able to move to any other swimming institution which offers the STA courses or similar and continue where you left off with us.

More Information about VisFit Swim

stanley-badgeThe duration of our swimming lessons are 30 minutes long and the cost for group lessons per child is £23 and for our standard 1:1 private tuition £45. 

Please note that the 1:1 lessons are arranged on an individual basis which will accommodate for flexibility in the swimming times, duration and frequency of each session depending on the pupils needs. For information on this please contact us on

The course prices include all awards (badges and/or certificates) which are issued after an assessment and/or completion of the stage in which the pupil is in . ( All stages could at times take longer than expected, depending on the progress of the pupil to complete, and all assessments do not guarantee an award). 

sta logoAt VisFit Junior Swim we follow the STA comprehensive, linked and progressive awards programme. They are designed to accompany ‘learn to swim’ and water safety programmes of which you may have covered partially in another baby swimming course or if not will do with us.

It is a requirement for all children starting at Visfit Junior Swim to be accompanied by an adult in the pool. This will help settle the children in their new environment and help build their confidence as they embark on this great new journey of learning to swim.

Depending on the age and the ability of your child we offer 3 beginners courses:

Confidence building and fear of water, Starfish Series and Stanley Series.

swimming certificate visfit junior swimming lessons and courses

We at Visfit Junior Swim understand the importance of swimming as a life skill. Knowing how to swim and having the confidence to be safe in any depth of water is a priority. In our swimming lessons we work on building confidence in young swimmers by teaching core aquatic skills. This in turn will allow for a more open minded and relaxed approach to water and swimming and therefore facilitate progression. Over the last 10 years we have helped hundreds of children to love and be proficient in the water.

starfish logoThese series are designed to teach youngsters up to 2 years of age. The stages are progressive in starfishintroducing water activities and continued steps in water safety. The six STARFISH award badges and certificates cover, distance, diving skills, survival skills, watermanship skills and basic first aid skills.

stanleyThese series are designed to teach young children aged 2 to 5 years old how to swim in 14 steps. Pupils who complete the 14th step (seven STANLEY badges and certificates) can progress straight into the Goldfish Series-level 2 of the ISWSS (International swimming and water safety Standards) scheme.

We require the following information from you to register for our VisFit swimming lessons:
The pupils full name and surname, date of birth, medical history (if any) of adult attending & pupil, and contact mobile number. Please could you email the above information to
For Payment details please contact us on
VisFit Junior Swimming lessons take place at the London school of diving (LSD)
11 Power Road
London W4 5PT.

Isle of Wight  summer camp lessons:
Bluette Avenue
Seaview PO34

‘Just wanted to say despite only having a few lessons, Jack’s attitude to swimming has completely changed since our time with you. It has made such a difference, I cannot thank you enough Ava.’
Malissa, West London
‘Ava is an exceptional swimming teacher, I cannot recommend her more highly.   My daughter had a terrible fear of the water and Ava managed to not only  earn her trust straight away but turn her terror into a genuine love for swimming from the first lesson.  Fun but disciplined, direct but  reassuring, extremely kind & gentle and above all totally trustworthy. Ava has all the qualities I would look for in a swimming teacher. After four lessons my daughter was confident in the water, swimming responsibly with a clear awareness of safety around the pool & most of all loving her time in the water –  my only problem now is that she doesn’t ever want any swimming teacher other than Ava!’
Nell, London
‘We have been going to swimming classes for a while now with Ava and she is absolutely wonderful. My son really enjoys her classes each week and gets on really well with Ava. She really is fantastic with children and a fantastic teacher. My son looks forward to going each week!’
Tracy Brown, Richmond TW2


‘Ava is a gifted swim teacher, our daughter has learnt a great deal from her and has developed so much confidence in the pool. We thank you so much for all your kindness and enthusiasm over the years.’
Sara B, Chiswick W4


‘We cannot recommend Ava enough. She genuinely cares about the children she teaches, and my son is 100% confident in the water thanks to her. Ava is calm but firm and takes time to get to know all the children in the class as individuals. Swimming is one of the most important skills we can teach our children and thanks to Ava my son has enjoyed learning to swim.’
Fiona Beazer, Chiswick W4


‘Over the last 5 years Ava has taught both my children to swim. She has a lovely warm style and classes include fun exercises, singing and toys so they don’t even realise they are learning. Thanks to Visfit swimming lessons both my children are happy and confident in the water…. and most importantly are on the way to being good swimmers.’
Alexis Allan, Chiswick W4


‘Both of my children have loved their swimming lessons with Ava. She has a wonderful manner with the children and makes the lessons fun and action packed. My youngest would hardly even kick when he started with Visfit swim and now motors through the water with huge enthusiasm. A massive thank you!’
Claire Ewing, Richmond TW10


‘My 3 year old son has been taking lessons with Visfit swim for just over a year. In this time both his swimming and his confidence in the water have improved vastly. Ava’s nurturing approach combined with her excellent skills as a swimming coach has helped my son to reach his potential and has ensured he loves his swimming classes! ‘
Helene S, Twickenham TW9


‘My son loves his weekly lessons with Ava; a fabulous teacher who really encourages children to enjoy swimming and is understanding and patient, much needed when dealing with an excitable 2.5 year old! I’d recommend Visfit swimming lessons to anyone.’
Sarah Heap, London W7

Why Visfit Swim?

Highly experienced teaching


Exclusive private pool use per lesson

Small classes offering personal attention

Structured, fun and focused lessons

Regular performance reports given