Ava Pearce personal trainer chiswick london w4


I have always enjoyed Ava’s studio classes and the transition from studio to Zoom classes has been faultless. She has managed to bring her professionalism, enthusiasm and motivation to all of her classes. Ava always encourages you to push yourself further and provides alternatives to all exercises so you can work at the level that suits your body that day. She also provides a lot of feedback which ensures that you are performing the exercises correctly, I think this differentiates her classes from many of those on offer.
Ava’s positivity and support over the last year have made the situation far more tolerable and I am eternally grateful to her.

Sali, W13

I’ve been attending Ava’s classes, for 5 years, (18 months in lockdown on line).
Ava is tough but fair and makes her classes great fun. Respectful of your fitness goals, she will push, motivate, cajole and anything else needed for you to achieve your goals. She has an in depth knowledge of every class she teaches, be it Pilates, Spin or Yoga. She is very generous with her knowledge of fitness generally, often sharing relevant information

As well as a great in-depth knowledge of the psychology of motivation. Her instruction online is clear, detailed but concise, and she takes the time to watch the class, gently correcting postures or movements when needed.
Since attending Ava’s classes, I have become much stronger, lost weight and have developed a new enthusiasm for exercise.

Neena and John, Dorset and Kew

What a saviour you’ve been and what great workouts you’ve given both my daughter and I.  Your sessions are all AAA* standard and I can’t get enough of them! So a huge thank you!

Kim – Chiswick W4

Many thanks for all you have been doing during lockdown.  It has been a joy to take part in your classes (challenging – but a joy!!) & I can’t thank you enough for all your energy, creativity and ability to embrace the new and make it work so well for all of us!

Abigaille – Grove Park W4

Just a brief note to say thank you again for the Zoom band classes.  It’s amazing how different each class is.  Each day, I just disappear into your zone and come out the other end one hour later, feeling stronger, fitter and pretty tired out – but very happy.

Today as I was doing those dreaded crunchies and focusing on my knee caps (as instructed) I couldn’t help but notice that I truly didn’t recognise my legs!!

It was my goal this year to get those thighs in shape (before I’m just too old for any progress) and through the band classes I’m definitely getting there! So thank you very much for this.

In short, very many thanks for shaping up those legs, getting me off those crutches and back to building up my overall muscle tone and getting my cardio mo-jo back.

Norma E – Richmond TW9

Thank you for teaching your wonderful classes, they’re honestly so helpful and have kept me motivated and active through lockdown!

Hattie, Kew – TW8

I have three children that have all learnt to swim at Ava’s swimming lessons. Not only did they become proficient swimmers but her positive, enthusiastic and gentle approach meant that they all thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. If we could carry on with Ava’s swimming lessons through out their entire school age years we would. I could not recommend her highly enough and feel grateful to have had her teach my children.

Emily – TW9

I have had about ten PT sessions with Ava. She is a great motivator who knows her subject when it comes to fitness. She always turned up for our personal training sessions in a cheerful mood which helped me with my self-motivation and self-belief. She tailored our personal training sessions according to my overall and day to day abilities and energy level. Ava offered me great advice about my diet and general health. I really enjoyed working with Ava and highly recommend her as a personal trainer to any one who wants to get fit and enjoy doing so.

Vic – Chiswick, London W4

Having never had a personal trainer before I was a little nervous before I started my sessions with Ava. I so needn’t have been. She listened to what I wanted to achieve, discussed with me how we could do that and then put a plan together. Her attention to detail as I exercise is the thing that makes the difference – along her enthusiasm and humour. I actually look forward to the sessions – never thought I’d say that!

Alison – Chiswick, London W4

Ava takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness.  She listened to what I wanted to achieve, targeting particular weaknesses in my body, and developed a plan that worked for me.  I had particular areas I wanted strengthened and toned and within a set timeframe! The exercises she set were ambitious but not impossible and she showed me how to keep improving once goals were met.  I could see the results within weeks.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ava to anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being and fitness.

Megan – Chelsea, London SW10

My sessions with Ava have helped transform my overall strength and fitness and helped me tremendously to improve a chronic back problem.  Her ability to understand my concerns with my back issue and yet push me to do things I was not confident about reflects on the trust I have in her obvious ability and gift for teaching.Our sessions are a brilliant compliment to the gym work I do and the gym work I do helps me improve my Pilates. Pilates is brilliant and Ava is brilliant at teaching it; she has a real gift for it.

Simon – Ealing, London W6

Old, not agile and overweight, I was looking for a way to improve my balance and mobility. I took a course of six personal lessons in Pilates with Ava and made enough progress that I’m now able to participate in the group classes she runs in at a local gym. I rate her very highly as an instructor who can tailor a programme to anyone, whatever their physical condition or their prowess – or, in my case, lack of prowess.

Ken – Chiswick, London W4

Ava has a brilliant combination of professional expertise and empathy. She was able to give me a programme designed specifically for my needs, and encouraged and motivated me to continue with regular exercise – not something that comes naturally!

Thank you for your help with all these amazing Pilates sessions.
I also enjoy attending your aqua classes every week as it is a great workout!

Chris – Kensington, London SW3