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What’s the story?

What we love about Ava apart from her warm approach (not to mention her trim body), is that she has a unique way of inspiring whilst challenging her clients. She offers the complete package including a PT programme, a pilates or yoga session, an aqua workout (or a combination) giving you the choice to fulfill your needs. Visfit creates an opportunity within a varied range of exercises either water or land based, to suit everyones mental and physical fitness needs, no matter what their age.

What’s your speciality?

“The key to finding a balanced lifestyle is to connect body and mind through a good nutritional diet, correct posture and alignment, strength and core stability and a strong and healthy heart through cardio workout. You can always make time to exercise surprise yourself, challenge yourself, Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Make it count! Make that change!”

What’s the damage?

Prices starting from £70 per session.