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Pilates Foundation Matwork

Ava encourages her clients to use their own body weight to master the preliminary mat work exercises from the fundamentals through to the advanced series. Her sessions are 60 minutes long and can be ether 1:1 private or group sessions.

Ava tailors her sessions recognising that no one person can be taught in exactly the same way and no two bodies are the same. She believes the key to finding balance is to connect body and mind through the principles of Pilates: Breathing, Concentrating, Control, Centring, Precision and Flowing Movements. Pilates is designed to work every muscle in the body, in order to improve the circulation of the blood to every fibre and tissue, develop the body uniformly, correct wrong posture, restore physical vitality, invigorate the mind, and elevate the spirit.

“It is the mind itself which builds the body” Joseph Pilates (1880-1967)

Ava has put together a list of some of the benefits of Pilates and why you should include it in your everyday life and exercise routine:

  • A strong core, increased flexibility, joint mobility and better ability to relax and concentrate.
  • Increased body strength through identifying deeper local muscles (supporting muscles), thus reducing the overall risk of injury to the body.
  • A toned body with improved stamina.
  • Improved posture and alignment, balance and co-ordination.

How to Register

If you would like further information or would like to book Pilates sessions with Ava, please email us on ava@visfit.co.uk

In the first consultation before commencing with Pilates sessions you will be required to complete standard health forms and give information about your medical and exercise history as well as your general diet. This will allow for a more accurate and tailored programme for your specific needs and will take approximately 45 minutes, which will be added onto your session time. Ava will also perform a complimentary full posture and alignment assessment which will help set the Pilates sessions to realign and balance your body.

Please note that if you have any historic or present injuries or medical conditions you must first consult with your doctor to make sure you are okay to start any form of exercise.