ava pearce personal trainer

Ava is a personal trainer, with years of professional experience, having been an athlete and psychologist. Her mission at Visfit is to create an opportunity, within a varied range of exercises either water or land based, to suit everyone’s mental and physical fitness needs. No matter what their age or ability. The key to finding a balanced lifestyle is to start with a good diet, to keep mobile and work on aligning and strengthen the body and stabilizing the core. Working on your cardio to keep a strong healthy heart and to always give your mind the time to rest, through mindfulness and meditation. Connecting your mind with your body and understanding that they work together as a powerful tool. Ava uses her training as a psychologist and these multi-disciplinary physical techniques, and tailors her unique coaching to give each of her clients all they need to reach their goals.

Ava works very closely with gastroenterologist, GP’s, Physiotherapists and various medical consultants to bring mobility and different forms of exercise into patients’ lives encouraging lifestyle changes through a step by step progressive programme. She also lectures and introduces basic mat work and mindfulness workshops to General Practitioners which in turn are then encouraged to prescribe onto their patients as a new form of service prescribing within the NHS and private sectors. Ava along with her busy schedule also works as an academy tutor at Virgin Academy lecturing students. She is also the chair of Anjoman UK and a Trustee of Ormiston Vunerable Children’s Foundation.